Suppose that one year when they all four were children I decided to give them a very fine new bike. I know they would all have been very grateful. They would have been all thrilled and happy with their Mom and me. That is gratitude; If I am a soloist and had just performed really … More Gratitude

Good Ideas 4

The following ideas have helped me. I want to parent myself the way I wish I had my girls. If one person in a relationship changes, the relationship changes, but not necessarily for the better. If one person in a relationship gets better, the other person either gets better too, or else gets worse. -Living … More Good Ideas 4

My Ethics

My idea of the foundation of ethics is that good is those things that unite people and evil is things that divide people. I accept, as good for myself is the idea of living by the side of the road and being a friend to man. My ethics demands that things like child abuse and … More My Ethics

More About Evelyn

I am going to be at my family’s home in Ellensburg on Christmas. For a poor guy I get to travel pretty often. I enjoy a beautiful off my 8th floor .balcony facing East. Sunrises are often breathtaking. Two years ago I went to Arlington tp be with my sister Evelyn who recently died. I … More More About Evelyn

Good Ideas 3

The following ideas have helped me. -I want my one thought to be,”I have this good day. How am I going to use it?” -I traded my doormat in on a flying carpet. -In a co-dependent relationship, both parties make each other weak. -If I am coasting, I am going downhill. -When I desperately needed … More Good Ideas 3