Thanks Lini. There is no other way to enjoy God’s dearness but through surrender. Believe me I have tried many other easier ways. What I have done good or bad are totally irrelevant. It is a clue to how lost I am that surrendering to infinite, total love seems like it is so difficult for … More Surrender

30 Units of “F”

I have more than 30 semester units of “F” on my college record. That is because I had seven consecutive semesters in which I enrolled for classes at San Diego State University and dropped out every semester. Two of my dropout semesters I failed to withdraw from my classes.Of Course, I failed all those classes. … More 30 Units of “F”

I Love You

Once when I was a chaplain at Union Rescue Mission, a tall, thin man came into my office. He was nice looking, about thirty five years old, with a big mustache. I liked him the second I saw him. He began to tell me his story. I let him talk for a few minutes. As … More I Love You