The Healer

Originally written Tuesday, June 13th, 2006 Growth is the prime indicator in Christ’s view of real honest faith. Not growth for growth sake, but healthy growth that leads to healthy fruit. “Some thirty fold Some sixty fold Some a hundred fold.” What is meant by fruit? The Apostle Paul gives us the definition of fruit. … More The Healer

To Jill

Written on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 Jerelyn, my ex-wife, was a few months pregnant with Jill when we were deciding to move from the East Coast back to California. At the time, we already had one daughter, our adorable two year old Gina The decision to move was a tough one for me to make. … More To Jill


Limericks Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 There once were two girls named Mayer, Who were smart, wise and wondrously fair. They gave me my “Bad Jokey” name, That shows the source of my fame. It’s my hope that I can soon see their lair. —GMC When I was a very young girl I had a cat … More Limericks

LA Times Article featuring George & the StoryCorps project

The following story ran in the Los Angeles Times on January 29, 2005 following our Story Corps interview. By Martin Miller Times Staff Writer January 29‚ 2006 Audio time capsule‚ one story at a time With a mobile booth and an open microphone‚ the Library of Congress is capturing the quiet drama of everyday life. … More LA Times Article featuring George & the StoryCorps project