Making Amends

Decades ago when I had just started my Al-Anon program I was trying to make amends to people I had hurt in my past. I ran across a problem in making amends. In the years I had been CEO of Union Rescue Missions Of Los Angeles I had hurt many people. By this time I … More Making Amends

Emotional Mistake

The perfectionist base of my personality is always there in me. Over the years I have come to understanding that character defect was mine for my whole life. I also learned perfectionism need not dominate my life. Though perfectionism was with me every day I learned that through the Al-Anon tools I could could control … More Emotional Mistake


1.I am grateful for the foundation for life the Bible provides for me. 2. I am thankful Gina and Chad who have stood by me during this pandemic 3. I am thankful for Jill and Eric because I now they love me and have given such pleasure and help. 4. I am grateful for JoAnna … More Gratitude

Bad Day

Today this pandemic is getting to me. i feel anxiety that is not based on my reality. My reality is good I am loved and valued by God, my family, my friends and by you. Thank you very much. As always, taking positive action has already begun to lift my spirits. I am also doing … More Bad Day

Some Program Fun

There is a favorite story of mine, It goes like this. After a meeting where I had shared I had twenty four years in program a newcomer approached me with a question. Here is the question, “George after all the years you have in program you are bound to be an expert in some part … More Some Program Fun

Easy For God

I think that most men people that came in to the mission knew at some level that “God Is Love” That came to them from endless people sharing the gospel in our chapel. In addition they needed to know that God loved them personally. Decades ago I knew a man named Eddie who came to … More Easy For God

My False Hope

Today I went to a Mexican beach side restaurant. I used to go to a 12 Step meeting That met at 10:00 AM on Mondays in a nearby city. My route home that took me by the city where the restaurant is located. I got in the habit of stopping at this restaurant to have … More My False Hope

My Real Job

For a few decades now I have worked very hard in recovery on my anger problem. I feel very positive about the progress I have made through my 25 years in Al-Anon. I have also been helped through prayer and medication. Some of you will tell me that God healed you of your anger. I … More My Real Job