Good Hearts

A few days ago I was having a conversation  with a very close friend of mine. I was telling him that he was an extremely nice human being. I said ” If you set out to be mean you would have to practice in your head saying something mean for a year before you would … More Good Hearts

An Al-Anon Joke

Did you hear about three men going to have there heads chopped off by the guillotine? The first one was a political enemy. As the blade came down toward his neck it stopped one foot above his neck. He said OH!! it is a miracle. They guards were so surprised they let him go.The came … More An Al-Anon Joke

Minding [Yes Minding]

Mind Your Business…..The true meaning of the slogan”Mind your own business can be better understood if I change the wording a little bit. What if the saying was “Take care of your own business.” That change means the same as the original saying but it has a different slant. One of the most surprising discoveries … More Minding [Yes Minding]

Getting Goosed

Many years ago I was doing a wedding for a beautiful couple from a Church where I was preaching and my family was attending. The wedding was at a park with a lake near Whittier, California.The lake had a bunch of geese swimming around in it. The couple wanted to have communion Protestant style. They … More Getting Goosed

Good Ideas

My idea of the foundation of ethics is that good is those things that unite people and evil is things that divide people. . I accept, as good for myself is the idea of living by the side of the road and being a friend to man. ‘ My ethics demands that things like child … More Good Ideas

It is often said that as booze is to AA  as overthinking is to Al-Anon. At one time I thought I could read other people’s minds despite the fact I was always wrong. I made myself think I could read you mind because if I was wrong about that I had absolutely no way to … More

A Fulfilling Event

When I was a boy I fantasized about being a football player that was a combination of Jim Brown and Gayle Sayers. I least I aimed high. I know I was dreaming in order to momentarily ease the pain of my dominating inferiority complex. But there was another reason I fantasized.I felt very unfulfilled with … More A Fulfilling Event


Ray was a wise and able supervisor over the mission’s chapel. I have asked him to do extremely challenging assignments I have described in other posts. He took them  on with zest and accomplished them beautifully. Originally I met him as a street person and watched him commit himself to God and I saw him … More Ray

Taking Risk

I sometimes think it bad form for me to be suffering stinking thinking after mt two decades+ in program. Saying it out loud as I write this shows my arrogance. AA says “I have a one day respite from drinking”. I have a daily respite from stinking thinking. One time someone asked me how Al-Anon … More Taking Risk