Surprising God

I like to say God is surprising. No matter how good I think God is it turns out she/he is better. When I worked at the Mission there was a very elderly retired Baptist preacher that liked to sit in the chapel.His name was Henry. I loved him dearly. One day I was walking up … More Surprising God

Healing Growth

Growth is the prime indicator in Christ’s view of real honest faith. Not growth for growth sake, but healthy growth that leads to healthy fruit. “Some thirty fold Some sixty fold Some a hundred fold.” What is meant by fruit? The Apostle Paul gives us the definition of fruit. The fruit of the Spirit is … More Healing Growth

Am I Prejudiced

When my 4 girls were in middle school one of them asked me a tough question. She asked “Dad are you misoganistic? The girls often surprised me with the words they used to express themselves. I said “I don’t think any man raised in this culture can guarantee he is free of prejudice against women. … More Am I Prejudiced

Looking Back

When  I was just starting my program I would write down things people said in meetings so I could remember them. -”My solution to my unhappiness was to find someone who knew how to live and do what ever he said.” -When I am able to take care of myself around others, it helps me … More Looking Back

Jumping Off

Today I want to write about how there is no difference between your righteousness and mine.  Any difference between how much we are in terms of who is the most righteous  a does not exixt because you are not my standard and I am not yours. The standerd is God’s holiness. That means we all … More Jumping Off


Courage -If fear is horribly limiting then courage is wonderfully fulfilling -My Higher power is always available to me so I am more willing to take risks when I am consciously aware of God’s presence. -Carefully working my program including prayer and meditation I slowly but consistently become aware of God’s presence in my life … More Courage