Thanks Lini. There is no other way to enjoy God’s dearness but through surrender. Believe me I have tried many other easier ways. What I have done good or bad are totally irrelevant. It is a clue to how lost I am that surrendering to infinite, total love seems like it is so difficult for … More Surrender

Stolen Car

I go to a meeting every Saturday. Going to the meeting and coming home I drive on 7th St. 7th street goes right by a Big Lots store. This particular Saturday I went past the store on my way home and at the last second I turned in and did some shopping. When I came … More Stolen Car

The Poor Sandwich

A great lady invited me over for a visit a few years back.I loved the idea because I wanted to get acquainted with her. I asked what I could bring. She suggested I could bring over a sub sandwich. I asked what kind of sub sandwich she would like. She said Italian meats. I bought … More The Poor Sandwich