The Original Sin Sin

I know what I am about to write will be disagreed with by those who read this. I have no problem with you. I have been wrong so many times in my life that being wrong again is no threat to me.

I am suggesting that the idea of Original Sin has been so disheartening to folks has influenced them to sin. This idea suggests that I am corrupted from the event of my conception. That is wrong for many reasons.

  1. The book of Genesis never implies or in any way suggest original sin.
  2. In fact, Genesis celebrates that we are created in God’s image which speaks volumes about the grace of God creating us wonderful.
  3. If I was created in sin I have a question for God. “Why are you so angry with me? What did I do”. It feel awful that you doomed me from the very start.
  4. Since God is love and only love how do I explain him doing something sinful himself
  5. God is love teaches me that God loves me the same on my worst day as She/He loves me on my bestday. God’s love is never altered for better or worse in any  by what I do or don’t do.
  6. The idea that I was created in original sin is a blasphemous idea because God is everlastingly holy.
  7. Because when Paul says ” If any man be in Christ he is a new creature.” tells me that believing I am genuinely  holy today, this day is on the right track toward righteous behavior.
  8. Jacob climbing Jacob’s ladder and that makes us soldiers of the cross is and Old Testament Concept is and not a New Testament idea. The idea that through Jesus has completely opened the door to God’s presence. The job of faith is to gain the faith to believe I am already in Christ holy not that I will be.
  9. The Old Testament says if you obey you are holy. The New Testament says since you are already holy obey.
  10. It is important to remember that faith comes by the Word of God [Jesus] . “In the beginning was the word” and “Without him nothing was made that was made”. I have found that Scripture was for me the easiest way for me to come into into God’s Presence. Scripture is by no means  the only way for me to enter into the divine presence, God has graciously provided an enormous means of escaping this disturbing world.
  11. Another thing is the “Anyone in Christ” Idea, I once wrote a piece called “Who The hell is in Hell. if you believe only those who have accepted Christ go to heaven I would study Romans. Romans 3 says “For all have sinned” The next verse says “All have been justified” If you think that some folks are going to Hell you have to deal with the idea that some people God has justified end up in Hell. We all are in Christ. Paul says all history is summed up in Christ. N o one is excluded’
  12. I have a problem going from God is love to a belief that by far most of the people He/She created end up burning in a lake of fire.