String of Pearls

-If I have a pound of resentment, it takes two pounds of energy to keep it under control.Therefore, if I unload a pound of resentment, I get three pounds back that I can then use for the enjoyment of life and for service. -I can not cure my sick mind with my sick mind. If … More String of Pearls

String Of Pearls

-“WAIT” Why ..Am ..I.. Talking? .This is a good way  to remember an important caution for us Al-Anons. -Said by a frustrated Al-Anon who found herself using stinking, old behaviors. “I wish I could pee in a cup to see if I was being codependent again”. -FEAR: False.. Evidence.. Appearing..Real. -I am powerless over God’s … More String Of Pearls

String of Pearls: 46

The following ideas have helped me. Adult sex is based on knowledge and familiarity. Adolescent sex is based on unfamiliarity. Sexuality is primarily the expression of previously developed intimacy. Sexuality is a relatively ineffective means of obtaining intimacy. I think men need women more than women need men. I think parents need adult children more … More String of Pearls: 46

String Of Pearls 44

Many times my character defects are best seen as self defense. Character defects are of no value as defense mechanism. Character defenses actually make you much more vulnerable to pain The insight a desperate person finally sees: “There must be a better way I will pay any price to get the help I need. A … More String Of Pearls 44