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My life experience, my family, my lessons learned.

Good Ideas 3

The following ideas have helped me.
-I want my one thought to be,”I have this good day. How am I going to use it?”
-I traded my doormat in on a flying carpet.
-In a co-dependent relationship, both parties make each other weak.
-If I am coasting, I am going downhill.
-When I desperately needed love and acceptance, I often acted in a way that created conflict.
-I am tired of saying,”I am going to be able to really live when this crisis is past,” I want to learn to say, “I am going to be fully alive right through the crisis.”
-I used to think beating myself up was a means of emotional growth. That is like my Dad thinking that he was helping me by severely punishing me with a razor strap.
-”Pray for the stranger” is a good parental prayer for a worried Mom or Dad. It is a prayer that God will send a stranger to help the kid that is in trouble.
-I want to look at the past only to be able to let go of the past.
-When I started working my program, it worked me.
-I defeat my perfectionism- imperfectly.


Good Ideas 2…..The following ideas have helped me.

I like days that my Out-box goes down more than my In-box goes up.

I need to be my own best friend instead of my own worst enemy.

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Rose Kudaka-Faloppa
Rose Kudaka-Faloppa love this George

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 · October 21 at 3:41pm


George Caywood replied · 1 Reply
Daryl Darby
Daryl Darby Miss you today. Hope you keep getting your


Daryl Darby
Daryl Darby Oops deserved love and loyalty you deserve. I love you to pieces George and cherish
Shared wisdom 🦋🦋

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 · October 21 at 4:11pm


George Caywood replied · 1 Reply
Donna Caywood
Donna Caywood So true! Thank you very much for sharing!! 🙏💖

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George Caywood replied · 1 Reply

Good Ideas 1…..Said by a wonderful program friend after she had lost an expensive necklace: “My life is no better or worse because I lost my necklace”.

The most important things in my life are not things.

I put on sanity in the mornings just like I put on my clothes.

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