Real Courage

A few days ago I wrote that the most life giving kind of courage  for me was the courage to be my real self days ago I wrote that the most life giving  The following is a real life story which happened at Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. Being Real…..When I worked at Union … More Real Courage


I think that courage s best defined as the courage to be yourself. . Some people do things that are physically dangerous as a way to feel that do have courage despite not being able to really face their fears. Honesty is the foundation of courage. I do not mean dollar and cents honesty although … More Courage

Loving God

The Eleventh Step…..-The word Conscious implies several things to me. one is that a conscious deliberate effort on my part. This an suggestion that requires a conscious decision on my part to take the action suggested. -What has been normal for me is that I wait until I feel stressed and then ask for God’s … More Loving God


Surrender…I once complained to my sponsor that I just can not surrender some things. I surrendered one minute and took it the load back the next. My sponsor’sname was Elsa. Let me explain she was a very elderly lady which means that at the time of this conversation she was my age now. if you … More Surrender