Loving God

The Eleventh Step…..-The word Conscious implies several things to me. one is that a conscious deliberate effort on my part. This an suggestion that requires a conscious decision on my part to take the action suggested. -What has been normal for me is that I wait until I feel stressed and then ask for God’s … More Loving God


Surrender…I once complained to my sponsor that I just can not surrender some things. I surrendered one minute and took it the load back the next. My sponsor’sname was Elsa. Let me explain she was a very elderly lady which means that at the time of this conversation she was my age now. if you … More Surrender

Obama vs Trump

It comes down This: Obama Care vs Trump CARE LESS For a country and a person “Seek ye first The Kingdom of God and His Righteous and the rest will be added unto you.” Ignoring the poor may be Penny wise but it is Pound foolish. What seems to be economic sense may end up … More Obama vs Trump