Good Ideas 1

      • Said by a wonderful program friend after she had lost an expensive necklace: “My life is no better or worse because I lost my necklace”.

      • The most important things in my life are not things.

      • I put on sanity in the mornings just like I put on my clothes.

      • What kind of person do I want to be? I just want to be myself.

      • Yesterday, God calmed the tossing sea. Today, she calmed her frightened child. Therefore, I know that tomorrow, I will be just fine. That means, that in this minute, I can be serene.

      • ”I made it through my cross country bike ride by only watching the butt in front of me. After I completed the ride, I realized that I worked my program in exactly the same way. I just follow the folks who are ahead of me.”

      • ”It was a great moment, the first time I noticed I did not have the familiar knot of fear in my stomach.”

      • I get durability from the slogans.

      • I never learned that I cannot fix another person.

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