Program Ideas

The price I pay for the privilege I have of living in this incredibly enjoyable world, is the work I have to do to make the bad stuff work for me. I am in the world to care, not to cure. There is a difference between being childlike and being childish. In childhood, there here … More Program Ideas


I think that learning to understand forgiveness was a key to my recovery. Here are some ideas.  I gave forgiveness for my sake not for the person that had wounded me.  If I held on to anger over a bad deed done to me I gave that person free rent in my mind.  The act … More Forgiveness


My Dad had what we now call the Bipolar dysfunction. At first the super active side of his problem was  most evident. As time passed, the depressed side took over. During that phase he took my .22 rifle and shot himself.   The previous Christmas my uncle had given me the gun. I never shot it … More Suicide

A Huge Step Forward

Years ago when I was still having problems accepting that my parents were horribly abusive I had an experience that has always seemed like a miracle to me. At the time I was going to an Episcopal Church that is local here.One of the people attending that church was a woman who by trade was … More A Huge Step Forward

Guilt And Shame

Guilt and shame are two distinct ideas. Guilt is culpability and does not involve feelings at all. Shame is all feelings. When I am experiencing shame I am feeling less than. I feel that I somehow don’t measure up to other people or to my picture of what I should be. Shame is the opposite … More Guilt And Shame

Fear And Love

I do not think that the opposite of love is hate. I think the opposite of love is fear. In the heat of a trying moment we can feel very negative feelings about the people we love. Actually, hate and love are related emotion that involve deep carrying one way or another. However, fear blocks … More Fear And Love