Choices……It seems to me, that before I got serious about recovery that my life was characterized by choices between unacceptable alternatives. I frequently felt like I just did not have good choices. When I began working seriously on my recovery within a program, it seems to me my life was characterized by having to choose … More Choices

An Al-Anon Joke

My favorite Al-Anon joke Did you hear about: A man came into a bar and ordered A full bottle of fine whiskey and a glass. He poured himself a shot and bolted it right down. He immediately poured himself another glass and chugged it, This went on and on. The bartender was spellbound by the … More An Al-Anon Joke

A Barking Dog

A wonderful friend of mine posted me a picture of her dog barking at himself. I laughed out loud because I could see myself BARKING insults of my self within my head. It really isn’t what I do not know that gets me in trouble. It is what I know perfectly well but do not … More A Barking Dog

Georgie Porgie

All my life people have quoted the old rhyme to me: “Georgie Porgie puddin’ pie Kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play Georgie Porgie ran away. I have never minded people quoting that rhyme to me provided they understood the true meaning of the poem. Two points need … More Georgie Porgie

Powerful Old Lies

When I have been the hospital the nurses checked my vital signs day and night. Vital signs are so called because they are so important to our health and because they also help the med staff understand that something is wrong and I need service. I feel the same way about program slogans. So often … More Powerful Old Lies

Facing Death

When my dad killed himself with my gun I was 15 years old. As I went by the casket at the end of the service I wanted to touch him one last time si I reached over and touched his hand. I was shocked it was so cold. I am forever glad that I did. … More Facing Death

Dealing With Fear

Years ago, I came to a meeting with my mind dominated by fear. There was trouble between me and one of my daughters. I was very frightened about my financial future, I was furious at the Christian community. I was not yet used to not working. I missed the routine of a schedule and regular … More Dealing With Fear

The Gift of Listening

Growing up,I had the feeling that nobody ever listened to me. The truth is I don’t think much listening to other people was part of our family reality. One Thanksgiving celebration was at my Aunt Nellie and Uncle Wilbur’s house. They had a house with a rather small living room and connected dining room. It … More The Gift of Listening

The Questions Kids Ask

One time I was reading from a Bible story book to my kids. I read he had hundreds of concubines or many dozens of wives. Jill asked me”What is a concubine? I answered somehow. When I had explained things just leaned back in her chair ans said” Daddy…… How big was his bed?