Free to Love

There is a huge difference between feeling loved and feeling I am lovable. If I have to have your love to feel I am OK then I tend to be a people pleaser. My neediness gobbles down the love and praise from you and then I have to look for more. I have to have my … More Free to Love

Living Life

If I was hearing the phrase mind your own business for the first time w/o any associations I would think it meant take care off your own affairs.If I was hearing the slogan” Live and let live” for the first time” I would understand that it is a wise and wonderful suggestion to really be … More Living Life

Good Ideas 2

The following ideas have helped me. I like days that my Out-box goes down more than my In-box goes up. I need to be my own best friend instead of my own worst enemy. Give me this day my daily love, and my hourly hug. HALT Hungry Angry Lonely Tired Each of the above emotional … More Good Ideas 2