When I need to know my Higher Power’s will I need to know that God wants me to know her/his will more than I want to know his/her will. THe rub for me is that I want to know more quickly than HP wants me to know it. I think that is because if I think I know my HP’s will I jump in and try to carry it out right here and right now . The 11th step says pray for a knowledge of his will [ the first part] and the power to carry it out [ The second part]. For me there is often a period of time, maybe a week or a month, after I know his/her before I get the power to carry it out. There is no use for me to want the what of God’s will if I do not want the when of God’s will.

Am I Prejudiced

When my 4 girls were in middle school one of them asked me a tough question. She asked “Dad are you misoganistic? The girls often surprised me with the words they used to express themselves. I said “I don’t think any man raised in this culture can guarantee he is free of prejudice against women. … More Am I Prejudiced

Man And Woman

This afternoon I watched “Saving Private Ryan”. The whole movie is about sparing a mother who had lost 3 sons in Second World War battles from losing her fourth son, Private Ryan. A squad was sent into a battle zone to find Private Ryan and to send him home. The Squad that was sent after … More Man And Woman

Bad Hunger Memory

Bad Memories: One time I fainted from hunger. It was on a Saturday morning. When I went through the kitchen to get some breakfast. My mom was sitting at the dining room table. She said I am sorry but we don’t have anything for you to eat. I nodded my head at her to let … More Bad Hunger Memory

Painful Memory

There is no way for me to express what I endured as a boy. It was frightening, lonely, overwhelmed because I fought so hard to win the nurture of my Mom. If a social worker had taken me out of the home I would have hated her or him because I was completely persuaded that … More Painful Memory