ME vs My Dad

My dad could fix any thing, I saw it over and over. I once thought I woul replace the toilet in our then house. It worked fine except the only way you could turnoff the water flow completely was to turn on the hot water in the sink. I have a very fine heating unit … More ME vs My Dad


i LIVE IN A VERY GOOD SENIOR CITICEN SERVICE CENTER, iT IS BY IN LONG BEACH,CA. They are a great group of beople. I hope to live here for the rest of my life uinledd my Higher Power has other ideas, Today I went in as I often have to pick uo I few indulgent … More GOUCHER


I am glad to be American,I love Iam free to pray any time I which is the thing I was doing before I began writing. Also I love to write and there is no sensor to limit me, Sometimes I worry about our future even though our military led the winning war effot against Hitler … More GOD BLESS AMERICA


Where I live in a Senior Care facility. We have meals at 7,00AM,11,oo AM and $ PM. People likeme have things like Tables to eating. Near the Big window viewing a lovely Garden area and so on. I lke to sit near the windows viewing the garden, There is a very nice abundance of 2 … More MADE ME LAUGH

I am 84 Years old. I live in a senior living facility and have for a few years now. It is a truly helpful place for me. I do not seem by the way I appear to be 84 but maybe 65 years old. I am happy for having good genes and by the way I have good jeans too. I am seriously a bad joke teller. I do love bad jokes.

I take pleasure in telling bad jokes it is true, but that has always been the case.I have a wonderful group of fiends that tell me bacd jokes for my use. My dear friend Kevin keeps me up to date on to tell. That is a good friend indeed.. . lOVE FOREVER,. GEORGE


I think the privilege of asking God for his will is a generous Gift of God to me, By God. That is because on my own I have made divisions thatb have worked out well for me. For example.bring Dad to my girls was a great decision. I am sorry for how one of my … More GODS WILL


Many decades ago when I was CEO of the Union Rscue Mission in Los Angeles I made a big mistake, The Mission had two off campus ministries , One of them was for young guys between 18 and 25 who had between more and less in the street. This program program had did fine job … More MISTAKE


Decades ago I took a time with my family up in some nice but gentle mountains. We stopped a a really great gift shop’. There is something about me that would have liked have a rural life style but I always love urban settings, I loved a small tractor that had wheel that move and … More DEAR JO ANNA


I have four sisters and four granddaughters and four great grand daughters, Sometimes people feel sorry for me and say “I feel sorry for you. because you will never know what it feels like to have a son! I would quickly come back as you will never know what it is like to have four … More DAUGHTERS


In Psalm 103 We are told God will remove our trangressions as far as the East is from the west. As I remember, In order for that a abundance to come my way I must fulfil certain functions. In the Romans 3 we are taught that we all are sinners. I have only met one … More Infinity