The Dodgers

THE DODGERS I was born in Tucson, Arizona. I was raised in San Diego, California. I was a huge baseball fan. The Tucson Cowboys and the San Diego Padres were both farm teams of the Cleveland Indians. I loved Luke Easter, Minnie Minoso and Al Rosen of the Indians because they had played AAA minor … More The Dodgers

The Eleventh Step

The Eleventh Step…..-The word Conscious implies several things to me. one is that a conscious deliberate effort on my part. This an suggestion that requires a conscious decision on my part to take the action suggested. -What has been normal for me is that I wait until I feel stressed and then ask for God’s … More The Eleventh Step

Self Care

So many times in my life I have sought to make myself a good man by ignoring my own needs for the sake of a noble cause like caring for the homeless folks. I have finally learned that a noble cause cannot be truly noble if it accomplished by by making myself ignoble. So said … More Self Care

Good Ideas

Getting Well…..If I have a pound of resentment, it takes two pounds of energy to keep it under control.Therefore, if I unload a pound of resentment, I get three pounds back that I can then use for the enjoyment of life and for service. -I can not cure my sick mind with my sick mind. … More Good Ideas

A Healthy Pun

In the Al-Anon literature there is a remark that says something like ” There is no unhappiness to great to be lessened”. My sense of humor is limited to puns so it is no surprise that I changed the spelling of one word to change the meaning. There is no unhappiness to great to be … More A Healthy Pun