I Am A Good Man

To the title above, I need to add you are a good person too . It is common to people raised in this sick culture to be far more likely to assume the worst about ourselves than we are likely to see the wondrous truth about ourselves. I believe that from the creation story in … More I Am A Good Man


Here is a huge number, 1oo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo, I read about this number when I was thinking about the impossibly huge number of stars in the Universe. That number is the estimated number of the stars. In the Bible I found out that the stars are God’s Handiwork. Also know from the Bible that God knows them … More Handiwork

Young George

My group of friends and I did a lot of wonderful things together when I was in my twenties. For example we loved to take weekend driving marathons. One time on a three day weekend we drove to British Columbia. Two of the guys had nice new cars. It is a mystery to me where … More Young George

My Big Brother

My dad died by suicide with my gun when I was 15 years old. I had been given a 22rifle the previous Christmas by my uncle, I was very careful with my gun because I was worried about my eight year old sister Ruthie accidentally injuring herself. I broke down the gun and kept the … More My Big Brother

A Real Person

One of Al-Anon’s daily meditation books is called “The Courage To Change”. One of the ways I need the courage to change is I need is the courage to be myself. Here are some ideas that have helped me to get the courage to be myself. When I have heard of a death bed scene … More A Real Person

My Look Out

A few minutes ago I wanted to reload a new head on my razor, It took a few minutes and the help of my reading glasses but I got it done. However. when I tried to shave I discovered I had installed the razor head backwards. I was trying to shave with the plastic part … More My Look Out