Boyhood Joy

When I was a boy I lived about a block from Glorietta Bay which is a small Bay and part of San Diego Bay. I have so many memories of good times making and sailing little boats. Our boats were made of wood taken from an apple crate end or something like that. For our … More Boyhood Joy

Al-Anon help

I have just started attending a new Al-Anon meeting. I have been looking for new meetings since some of the meetings I have loved are large meetings. My voice has lost strength so I was getting more and more requests to speak louder and less ability to comply. Since I have been attending some of … More Al-Anon help

A Good Man

Yesterday I went to have Mexican food at a well known local restaurant. I was with really good friends which I enjoyed. While we were eating and chatting I saw a man at a table a few yards from us. He was with his family which was his wife and nearly newborn baby. That family … More A Good Man

My Little Girls

Growing up, I never thought about what career I wanted to pursue . That was because I was being programed to be a pastor. That was not mean. That was my older family wanted their wonderful son and brother to have the most honorable career they could imagine . But for me my life’s dream … More My Little Girls