Mother’s Day

i am glad Mother’s day is past. It is a day that is to be endured not celebrated. I see moms fussing over their kids and seems foreign to me I can not connect with it. I could never say my mom abandoned me because that would imply I was connected with her at one … More Mother’s Day

God’s Will

A key idea in my recovery is the idea of learning and doing God’s will. A number of times when a asked for a knowledge of God’s will and I did not think I had found God’s will only to find out later from subsequent experience that the decision I had made worked well. As … More God’s Will

The Teacher I Am

Yesterday I was speaking to some very close friends. They asked me how I understood my own personality. I said “I am a teacher. Everything I have ever wanted to get done I tried to  get it done as a teacher”. When I was CEO of Union Rescue Mission at Union Rescue Mission I led … More The Teacher I Am


I am not in charge of the time thing anymore. Sometimes, it is like am so deeply unsettled, that I find myself looking for a hook upon which I can hang my anxiety. I am not over-burdened or under-burdened. I am unburdened. The 12 Steps are the heart and soul of my program. The meetings, … More Program