Bad Hunger Memory

Bad Memories: One time I fainted from hunger. It was on a Saturday morning. When I went through the kitchen to get some breakfast. My mom was sitting at the dining room table. She said I am sorry but we don’t have anything for you to eat. I nodded my head at her to let … More Bad Hunger Memory

Painful Memory

There is no way for me to express what I endured as a boy. It was frightening, lonely, overwhelmed because I fought so hard to win the nurture of my Mom. If a social worker had taken me out of the home I would have hated her or him because I was completely persuaded that … More Painful Memory

Prayer Wisdom

About the time I turned 40 my Mom turned 70. I asked my “Mom, What do you know at 70 that you wish you had known at 40”? She instantly replied “I wish I had known that you can accomplish more in one hour of praying than 40 hours of working.”