Late lessons

A few days ago I I turned 83. When I woke up that morning I wallowed in self doubt. Before long I saw how many people had wished me a happy birthday, I gradually became aware of the friends love and God’s love for me. I decided that I would wallow for awhile in that … More Late lessons

Growing Old

Yesterday I had an old man experience. I went grocery shopping. I loaded all the groceries in the back of my suv and drove off. People started yelling at me. I stopped to see what was causing all the excitement. I found out I drove off without closing the back door of my car, It … More Growing Old


In my walk with God I have learned many things. One of the most important is that God has never promised me a miraculous answer to my every problem.What then has God promised to give me? God always gives me the endurance I need to walk through the hard things I have to face on … More Endurance

Murders Asians

A few days ago I watched a few minutes of an old western movie. To my shock I saw maybe 20 Asians murdered. What I need to tell you is that in the movie it was Indians that were shot. However American First citizens were of Asian are of Asian decent. What that means that … More Murders Asians

A Step Too Far

This story goes back to maybe 1970. At the time I lived in the Washington DC area. I lived in suburban Maryland. I worked as the Payroll Manager for the “Peoples Drug Store” Chain headquartered for Peoples drugs was in D.C. Two of my sisters also lived in suburban D.C. in Virginia Ruth In Alexander … More A Step Too Far