A Vote Of Thanks to Chick And From the Folk of LA Skidrow

The alley behind the mission was a dead end. It went just beyond the mission and then widened into a turn around for cars. There were benches along the alley. Men gathered there for conversation and to smoke. The men talked about the things men usually talk about. things like woman, sports, gossip, religion, politics and … More A Vote Of Thanks to Chick And From the Folk of LA Skidrow

God My Helper

This morning I went to one of my Al-Anon meetings. I have been going to Al-Anon 23  years now. As I was enjoying the opening activities I noticed that my dear friend Pat was at the back of the room with her brand new baby girl. She was wheeling her baby buggy back and forth … More God My Helper

Anger and Amends

For to much of my life my style was Ready, Fire, Aim. When I got active in Al-Anon I had to straighten that  out. One good thing about having a shotgun anger style was I got lots of wonderful practice making amends a very valuable and in my case necessary skill.  

My Breast Wound

I love watching the Got Talent , BGT or AGT. IT is so touching to see people with very fine abilities get recognition that may  not have had their abilities recognized over the years. I love seeing the excitement and joy that the younger contestants get from their mothers watching and cheering frome the wings. … More My Breast Wound

The Power of WE

I Have been told so many times that I got older that the pain of my boyhood. That is true. These days all that pain no longer seems to affect my day to day living. Sometimes I have to deal with destructive thought habits that developed in response to the fact that all that pain … More The Power of WE