Spiritual Growth

I read an understanding of Christian maturation years ago. It changed me then and supports me now.In the first state folks are living in Chaos.   To Get out of chaos many folks seek Spiritual Rebirth. I did it at Church at church seeking Rebirth . Then still part of the second stage seeking the … More Spiritual Growth

Sticks And Stones

The old saying Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me” is so wrong. Sticks stones and words can kill me, if not immediate death the they all can kill me one day at a time. It is what you might call daily murder. It can also be daily suicide. … More Sticks And Stones

The 12 Steps

I well remember the first time I really read the 12 Steps. The mission had given me the responsibility  create an alcohol recovery program. I knew that I knew nothing in terms of helping skidrow men achieve sobriety. I also knew the reputation of the AA program. The International Union of Gospel Missions, the fellowship … More The 12 Steps

My Whiny Voice

George Caywood When I let my mind just run I am often dominated by what I call my Whiny voice. The thing about it is my whiny voice has never told me the truth in my almost 8 years of living. I once told my sponsor “AT least I should make my whiny voice make … More My Whiny Voice


      It seems to me, that before I got serious about recovery that my life was characterized by choices between unacceptable alternatives. I frequently felt like I just did not have good choices. When I began working seriously on my recovery within a program, it seems to me my life was characterized by having to … More Choices