Peace with God

The point of Romans is that we have peace with God. We are welcome in the presence of God. What we need is not the faith to be saved from Hell. That is such a negative perspective. We have been totally accepted, totally loved and that love and acceptance has been totally been freely given … More Peace with God

Ray’s Gratitude

Union Rescue Mission had several hundred Thousand donor’s. Before the May donor mailing one year Butch came up with a brilliant idea. Since Memorial Day was coming up shortly he suggested we include a return mailer included with our next mailed request for donations. The return mailer could be filled out and mailed back with … More Ray’s Gratitude

The Wonder Of the Creation Story in Genesis

There are passages in the Bible that amaze me. Genesis chapter one and the Order of Creation Story is one such passage to me. I understand Genesis 1 as a remarkable pre-scientific expression of the modern understanding of the formation of the earth.The way Genesis 1 anticipates modern scientific understanding is marvelous to me. I … More The Wonder Of the Creation Story in Genesis

Program Hints

The following are ideas that have helped me My problem is not that I fall into a mud puddle. Everyone does that. My problem is that I stay for a swim. Since God is actively teaching me to be free, I can not read control into the word care in the third step, “Turn my … More Program Hints

Grace conquers Rage

I have known her for two or three years now. We are in the same recovery program so we have gotten to know each other fairly intimately because we have heard each other share many times. Also we have had a number of good conversations together. She is a well educated professional, has many friends, … More Grace conquers Rage


I had a friend when I was CEO of Union Rescue Mission In Los Angeles. He came to the Mission off the street as what we called a Guest. He was as fine a man as I have know. He had gotten messed up in Vietnam and had taken it personally when he ran into … More Ray