God Is Surprising

I like to say God is surprising. No matter how good I think God is it turns out God is better. When I worked at the Mission there was a very elderly retired Baptist preacher that liked to sit in the chapel. His name was Henry. I loved him dearly. One day I was walking … More God Is Surprising

Guilt Sucks

Years ago I asked one of my daughters, who was about twelve at the time, “What do you think about guilt?” She replied, “Guilt sucks.” I think that statement is a needed and profound piece of theology. Feeling guilty is unnecessary. We all swim in a giant sea of God’s forgiveness. Total forgiveness is ours … More Guilt Sucks

A Heavenly Dream

I have had several dreams   given to me from time That have helped me. One of them was about Heaven. In this vision, I was just outside a structure about the size and dimensions of a high school gymnasium. The building was my heavenly home. It was being prepared for my arrival at some … More A Heavenly Dream

Ready,Fire, Aim

For to much of my life my style was Ready, Fire, Aim. When I got active in Al-Anon I had to straiten that out. One good thing about having a shotgun Anger style was I got lots of wonderful practice making amends.

My Al-Anon Start

There is a saying in Al-Anon that tells part of my story. It is “No one ever comes to Al-Anon because they are feeling so good”. In one of my first meetings with my sponsor she said “You are going to have to do something about your anger”. I said “Me angry?, She said ” … More My Al-Anon Start