Twenty Years Later

When I was two years into my twelve step program I said to myself, “If I have made so much wonderful progress in just two years what will it be like when I have twenty years of recovery under my belt.” Now I do have more than twenty years in program. Some things have stayed … More Twenty Years Later

My Family

I have been blessed with a wonderful larger family. I have four sisters, four daughters and two granddaughters. Some of my friends had erroneously commented, “All those females in your family are about right for you. After all, your idea of a double date was you and two women.” However, the truth is the line … More My Family

Garbage Man

I have worked so hard at getting the garbage out of me based on the idea “What God reveals God, God heals.” I have shared at meetings that I was sure that all the horrid memories of my boyhood were out and dealt with but I was wrong. Today, right out of the blue, a … More Garbage Man