A Good Experience

The last few months have been hard for me. I am glad that I am 79 years old in in good health and relativly good physical condition. However being as old as I am means a lot of good friends have been ill and some have died.

I needed a pedicure badly. I can no longer deal with bending over and trimming my own nails. I went to get the job done at the shop I use. As my gal worked on me I was thinking that I really needed to have a kick start to get my life restarted. When my nails were done I tipped her generously just because I like doing that.

She took my tip then needed help from the woman working next to her because she had very little English. That women explained to me that someone had already paid my bill. She had to say it several times because I was so surprised.

Then she said The woman who had paid my bill just because I was so cute. I said the was a glasses store just around the corner that she should have gone to if she thought I was cute. I said that because I have a hard time accepting compliments but for sure my Higher Power had given me exactly the kick start I needed.