Fun Family Game

I have four daughters. Counting my wife and I that makes a family of six. The game we played involved a single die. My youngest daughter was assigned the number 1 and each of the other girls were give numbers three through five by age, my wife was 5 and I was six. To play … More Fun Family Game

Michelle and Barack

A little while ago I watched Barack and Michelle speak at the National Portrait Studio on the occasion of their portraits hung. I had the same impression I had at the convention where Barack was nominated the first time. I thought during the broadcast of that convention and thought again today that maybe we should … More Michelle and Barack

My Wounded Heart

I have included myself in the Me Too movement because of the way my boyhood went sexually. This morning, just 7 hours ago I prayed and asked god to keep on working on the complex damage there is in my personality sexually. I got up this morning excited to go to my meeting today for … More My Wounded Heart