Helped by Jesus

Today I had a Jesus object lesson. My wonderful little car stalled on me this morning while I was driving at about 35 MPH.When I stopped I began pushing it off the busy road I was on. A middle aged Hispanic man stopped to help me move my car to a safe place.Then I used his … More Helped by Jesus

Surprising Love

I like to say God is surprising. No matter how good I think God is it turns out God is better. When I worked at the Mission there was a very elderly retired Baptist preacher that liked to sit in the chapel. His name was Henry. I loved him dearly. One day I was walking … More Surprising Love

Keeping On

If I get terrified by a ride on a roller coaster the solution is not to get off halfway through the ride. Someone said “All God gives and expects is endurance {patience in the fruits of the Spirit}.That is probably an overstatement but I see her point. Keep on keeping on says it all to … More Keeping On

A Dream Of Heaven

I have had several dreams given to me from time that have helped me. One of them was about Heaven. In this vision, I was just outside a structure about the size and dimensions of a high school gymnasium. The building was my heavenly home. It was being prepared for my arrival at some unknowable … More A Dream Of Heaven

Pain Vs Suffering

At a recent meeting I attended, a speaker made a distinction between pain and suffering. According to her, pain is a part of the ordinary living of life. It is the common experience of all human beings. We have no ability to order our existence so that pain is excluded.¬†Suffering on the other hand is … More Pain Vs Suffering

Anger and Amends

For to much of my life my style was Ready, Fire, Aim. When I got active in Al-Anon I had to straighten that¬† out. One good thing about having a shotgun anger style was I got lots of wonderful practice making amends a very valuable and in my case necessary skill.  


It is often said that as booze is to AA overthinking is to Al-Anon. At one time I thought I could read other people’s minds despite the fact I was always wrong. I made myself think I could read you mind because if I was wrong about that I had absolutely no way to make … More Think