Five Loaves and Two Fish

5 Loaves and Two Fish….When I was a Chaplain at Union Rescue Mission sometimes men would come in to my office and pour out a horror story to me. I would sit and listen. While I listened I would pray “When this guy gets done he will expect me to have something reasonably helpful to say I have nothing to say”.
Every time when he finished talking I had something meaningful to say. Most of the time what I ended up saying was something I needed to hear Sometimes it was so helpful to me I wished I could have taken notes on what I was saying so I could remember it.

Over the years I learned to think of the boy who had a totally inadequate lunch if 5000 were to be fed. I often wondered if the boy had said this is my lunch . If I give it to you everyone still won’t have enough to eat. That gave me courage to offer my pitifully inadequate little offering to to a hurting person.

That Idea gave me the courage to offer skidrow people my inadequate words to make the miracle of mutiplication possible.I never got over seeing myself as a little boy with 5 loaves and two fish.

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