Fear Damages

Years ago I went to Magic Mountain with my 4 daughters.I was going to sit out Magic Mountains huge Roller Coastal because it was too scary things are too scary for me to enjoy. The girls would not let me get away with that. They said, “Dad, all our lives you have been telling us … More Fear Damages

On Being 77

My last birthday I turned 77. That sounds so old to me. Sometimes when I forget a word or make some mistake I feel threatened because I don’t want to be thought of as a man that is in decline. There is such a huge disparity between my physical age and the vitality,satisfaction, and enjoyment … More On Being 77


I want to express my appreciation to Gov Jindal for his comments about Sanctuary Cities. Sanctuary Cities are cities that make offer a measure of sanctuary for illegal immigrants . Thank you Gov for letting immigrants know the cities they can get more humane treatment. The First Nation peoples probably didn’t think that our ancestors … More Immigrants

My Mistakes

Not long ago I was talking to a good friend. He asked me if there was one area of knowledge in which I was an expert what would it be. I immediately answered ” I am a world class expert in one area. I know the things that do not work. That is because every … More My Mistakes