Tender Love

I love to watch documentaries on space. Sometimes I have watched documentaries in which some wonderful scientist tries to help me feel just how huge the universe is or how old our Solar System is. The best part of those presentations are to me is more and more often the presenter is a woman. I … More Tender Love

Sometimes I Feel

Because of Covid 19 I am spending more time watching TV than is good for me but I really don’t have much choice. The number of really competent movies being streamed is limited. I have watched good movies like “Good Will Hunting” or “Shipping News” over again but watching them another time again so soon … More Sometimes I Feel

I Love The Beach

I live in Long Beach, California. Many decades ago someone wanted to turn the beach in long Beach into a harbor. A rock barrier was built so our beach would be calm and welcoming to commercial ships. One of the results of the remaking of the Long Beach is Long Beach Harbor was more or … More I Love The Beach

My Secret

I have learned as my years have passed by that my emotions are trustworthy. That means if I respond in anger with 100 pounds of anger to a 10 pound trigger I have a great opportunity for healing that I may be ignoring or I have not understood. The truth is my seemingly severe reaction … More My Secret

Little Gina

When my oldest daughter Gina was a toddler she and I did as much with each other as I could make happen.. My entire growing up years I was thoroughly programed to be a pastor. That meant I never thought about my dream career as in my mind I was going to pastor a church … More Little Gina