Step 10

George Caywood Checking my condition daily is the essence of Step !0 of the 12 Steps. The first few steps helped me to grow my comfort level with God.The next few helped me with peace with myself. The next few helped me with my peace with the people of my world. In other words the … More Step 10

The One Thing

There is a charming story in the gospels. Jesus has come to the home of his friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Martha is exhausting herself with her legitimate responsibilities as a hostess. Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus, busily learning the things that only he could teach. .Jesus, who was the hottest subject … More The One Thing

God’s Will

When I need to know my Higher Power’s will I need to know that God wants me to know her/his will more than I want to know his/her will. THe rub for me is that I want to know more quickly than HP wants me to know it. I think that is because if I … More God’s Will