The Dodgers

THE DODGERS I was born in Tucson, Arizona. I was raised in San Diego, California. I was a huge baseball fan. The Tucson Cowboys and the San Diego Padres were both farm teams of the Cleveland Indians. I loved Luke Easter, Minnie Minoso and Al Rosen of the Indians because they had played AAA minor … More The Dodgers

The Eleventh Step

The Eleventh Step…..-The word Conscious implies several things to me. one is that a conscious deliberate effort on my part. This an suggestion that requires a conscious decision on my part to take the action suggested. -What has been normal for me is that I wait until I feel stressed and then ask for God’s … More The Eleventh Step

Self Care

So many times in my life I have sought to make myself a good man by ignoring my own needs for the sake of a noble cause like caring for the homeless folks. I have finally learned that a noble cause cannot be truly noble if it accomplished by by making myself ignoble. So said … More Self Care

Good Ideas

Getting Well…..If I have a pound of resentment, it takes two pounds of energy to keep it under control.Therefore, if I unload a pound of resentment, I get three pounds back that I can then use for the enjoyment of life and for service. -I can not cure my sick mind with my sick mind. … More Good Ideas

A Healthy Pun

In the Al-Anon literature there is a remark that says something like ” There is no unhappiness to great to be lessened”. My sense of humor is limited to puns so it is no surprise that I changed the spelling of one word to change the meaning. There is no unhappiness to great to be … More A Healthy Pun

Shining Future

Tonight I am filled with the riches of the life I have led for 70+ years; full of the love of my family and friends that includes people literally from all over the world. Also full of incredible risks and adventures. travel, music, accomplishments and painful failures. Underneath all my memories is my love of … More Shining Future