String Of Pearls 1

WAIT” Why ..Am ..I.. Talking? .This is a good way to remember an important caution for us Al-Anons. -Said by a frustrated Al-Anon who found herself using stinking, old behaviors. “I wish I could pee in a cup to see if I was being codependent again”. -FEAR: False.. Evidence.. Appearing..Real. -I am powerless over God’s … More String Of Pearls 1

My Girls

I have four sisters, four daughters and four granddaughters. I was created as a good dad to girls and I was created to love them as babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults. People have suggested to me that I am unfortunate because I will never know what it is to have a son. I responded to … More My Girls

Ukraine Reality

Russia has been limited and hampered by the fact that their only port for trade has been on the Arctic Ocean. That has meant that Russia has been able to do international trade for the warm months of the year. Russians have for centuries has wanted a warm water port. The Russian invasion of the … More Ukraine Reality