With wars going on in Uganda and new disease’s coming one after another . It is so true that I have so much going for me I have a question for myself. I love God when things are good for me. The question is will I still love God the same if In my life … More Trials

All Good Days

I go through a routine most days. I have that routine because of the pandemic. Before the pandemic I had a very satisfying life because of 25 years in Al Anon. I went to 3 t0 5 meetings every week. When covid 19 hit I felt in a year we would be able to get … More All Good Days

My Bad Situation

When I was in my twenties, 60 some years ago, I had a social problem. I had a very bad inferiority complex. I realize now that most people had the same problem. One Psychologist said that the question really not do you suffer in that way. Instead the question is “How Bad is it”? In … More My Bad Situation

Trust Vs Fear

I am getting older and it seems to me I am aging faster and faster. I am 83 years old and I am fearful of being 84 and 85 and 86 and so on. I have my dear family and a God who is ever faithful to me. That suggested a question I need to … More Trust Vs Fear

Be Kind

I think that most healthy spiritually people think it the right thing to do. However. though I agree with that thought I also think it is the funnest thing to do. I enjoy being nice to people. I do recognize that when I greet others joyfully some people think I am being nice in order … More Be Kind

Basic Bible

Some time back i was in a living room Bible study, In the study the conversation was taking a generalized overview of the Bible . In time the subject gradually turned to more up close topics. Finally. the question of the most important passage of the bible, Of course no one thought they were going … More Basic Bible

Tough Times

Sometimes I have linked God’ love for me to a time where I am a moving through a prosperous time in my life. When things are great it is a wonderful time to be grateful to God. Today is a good time for me. That does not mean that this day is good in every … More Tough Times