Peace With God

Peace With God…..The point of Romans is that we have peace with God. We are welcome in the presence of God. What we need is not the faith to be saved from Hell. That is such a negative perspective. We have been totally accepted, totally loved and that love and acceptance has been totally been … More Peace With God

A Deep Darkness

There is a deep darkness in my soul. It threatens to surface in a blinding boil. It began when I was just a boy Betrayed by a mother to whom I was just a toy She could manipulate to in her kind of joy.   I gave my heart to three religious efforts Missions that … More A Deep Darkness

Mother’s Day

i am glad Mother’s day is past. It is a day that is to be endured not celebrated. I see moms fussing over their kids and seems foreign to me I can not connect with it. I could never say my mom abandoned me because that would imply I was connected with her at one … More Mother’s Day

God’s Will

A key idea in my recovery is the idea of learning and doing God’s will. A number of times when a asked for a knowledge of God’s will and I did not think I had found God’s will only to find out later from subsequent experience that the decision I had made worked well. As … More God’s Will

The Teacher I Am

Yesterday I was speaking to some very close friends. They asked me how I understood my own personality. I said “I am a teacher. Everything I have ever wanted to get done I tried to  get it done as a teacher”. When I was CEO of Union Rescue Mission at Union Rescue Mission I led … More The Teacher I Am


I am not in charge of the time thing anymore. Sometimes, it is like am so deeply unsettled, that I find myself looking for a hook upon which I can hang my anxiety. I am not over-burdened or under-burdened. I am unburdened. The 12 Steps are the heart and soul of my program. The meetings, … More Program