How I See Sex

-No man can have really great sex unless his partner is having really great sex. -There is a great misunderstanding, What is called adult sex is really adolescent sex. Adolescent sex is based on the unfamiliar. Adult sex  is based on on the familiar, -Sometimes I think God’s intention was to give men the desire … More How I See Sex

God Heals

What God reveals God heals.An ongoing process of God healing my deep hurt and resentments is a welcome and necessary part of my recovery program.

My Expertise

Being Wrong Not long ago I was talking to a good friend. He asked me if there was one area of knowledge in which I was an expert what would it be. I immediately answered ” I am a world class expert in one area. I know the things that do not work. That is … More My Expertise

A Beginning Ethic

My idea of the foundation of ethics is that good is those things that unite people and evil is things that divide people. I accept, as good for myself is the idea of living by the side of the road and being a friend to man. My ethics demands that things like child abuse and … More A Beginning Ethic