The first word of the steps is “We. Counting words like we, ours and steps in which “we” is implied there are more  than we ideas  per step. I found the steps before I found my program. Working the steps by myself improved my thinking but did not touch my emotions. I think of Jesus … More Community

Funny US Army

When I was in basic training for the US Army I received some good advice from a training sergeant. He said “Never let this bother army you” For a second I heard it the other way around like he was saying “Never let the Army bother you.” That is good advice too but he was … More Funny US Army

Three Little Words

One of the most Biblically defining scriptures is found in I John. Those words are “”God is Love” . The construction used in this verse is reversible.For example, “H2o = Water’ can be reversed into “Water =H2o” Therefore, “God is Love” can be reversed into “Love is God”. When I went to my first AA … More Three Little Words