Stale Donuts

Stale Donuts……I worked as a kitchen helper while I was in college. The head cook frequently gave me food to take home to my family. At that time we had 4 little girls. Once the cook gave me a bag of stale donuts. We all dug in and enjoyed them. After a few days we … More Stale Donuts

One Day At A Time

The following ideas about “One day at a time”, have helped me. -When I first heard the suggestion that I live one day at a time, I said, “Just one day” Now I say, “All day?” -I want to stay intimately connected with the moment in which I am living. -I need to keep my … More One Day At A Time

Bad Memories

I have worked so hard at getting garbage out of me based on the idea “What God reveals God God heals. I have shared at meetings that I was sure that all the horrid memories of my boyhood were out and dealt with. Today, right out of the blue, A memory came up suddenly and … More Bad Memories


I grew up in a home where very little was stable. I could never be sure my needs were going to be met. Sometimes I felt loved, but often I was scrambling to find a way to ease my insecurity. Sometimes the rent could not be paid and we ran out of food. The phone … More Stability


There is an old joke about perspective. “A man was walking through the woods and accidentally knocked over a beehive . The man took off running with the bees in hot pursuit. He came to a mud puddle, jumped in and sank clear to his ankles. That doesn’t sound to deep to you but you … More Perspective


Homage is todays word given as a suggestion for the topic of a post. Homage is the ceremonial middle age deference to his Lord. It occurs to me that God is the ultimate Lord of the Universe to whom homage from me to him is due.The thing I am thinking about is that my Higher … More Homage