A Good Program

I saw her, with her dark, shiny hair. A smile so sweet, she so sweetly will share. A quick warm embrace, love from her soul. I gave back her hug, with love as my goal. —– Her eyes are shiny, full of deep love. Love that’s from God, down from above. She is pretty, good … More A Good Program

Old Fiends

I have a group of friends that have been friends for nearly 50 years. We all had a home church with them for many years. The Children had a story time with our gifted children’s minister first then they went and played. The kids wandered in and out of the adults meeting. One time my … More Old Fiends

Michelle and Barack

A little while ago I watched Barack and Michelle speak at the National Portrait Studio on the occasion of their portraits hung. I had the same impression I had at the convention where Barack was nominated the first time. I thought during the broadcast of that convention and thought again today that maybe we should … More Michelle and Barack

Using Imagination

Years Ago I had a spiritual advisor named Warren. He was widely versed in ancient Christianity. Because I was relatively ignorant in the old ways he was very helpful and refreshing to me. For example we attended a Greek Orthodox weekend retreat. where very old forms were embedded in the services. We met in a … More Using Imagination

Power Of Love

MY last post spoke of the power of love. That reality should be obvious because of Gandhi and ML King. They obviously demonstrated the power of love. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Those are … More Power Of Love