Being Thankful

I have an extremely close friend that is out of work despite her wonderful mind and work ethic. She is calling the day after tomorrow, which is Thanksgiving Day this year, Gratitude Day. To her, the term “Thanksgiving Day” has been so often used commercially and culturally with no direct reference to actually being thankful … More Being Thankful


I just watched a documentery on Hiroshima. The suffering was unimaginable. Kids decaying alive from radiation poisoning, people instantly vaporized and on and on. I also watched a doc on the Chinese city where an earth quake killed 90,000 people. In the doctrine in which I  grew up Hell was described as a place where … More Hell

Evolution and the Genesis Creation Story

Saturday, September 18th, 2010 There are passages in the Bible that amaze me. Genesis chapter one and the Order of Creation Story is one such passage to me. I understand Genesis 1 as a remarkable pre-scientific expression of the modern understanding of the formation of the earth.The way Genesis 1 anticipates modern scientific understanding is … More Evolution and the Genesis Creation Story

In this writing I am equating fasting with all the things I do to ensure that I am maintaining closeness to God. Things like bible study, church going etc\. Maybe I could say they are things to show god and myself I am maintaining my relationship with Her/Him ad to gain God’s favor. Now I … More


I had a friend when I was CEO of Union Rescue Mission In Los Angeles. He came to the Mission off the street as what we called a Guest. He was as fine a man as I have know. He had gotten messed up in Vietnam and had taken it personally when he ran into … More Ray