Being Real

When I worked at Union Rescue Mission, I was sometimes in charge of the Dryout Room where men detoxed. That meant that every few hours I would go to the Dryout Room and check on the three or four men who were detoxing there. If they asked me to, I would pray with them, but … More Being Real


There are three definitions of stability. 1. A body is stable if when disturbed it tends to return to its original position. This is like one of those blowup plastic clowns kids play with. No matter how many times you knock it over it bounces right back. In my program this stability is the absolute … More Stability


My daughters and granddaughters are all atheists. I have been deeply spiritually based all my life. I have been asked several times if it bothers me that none of  my immediate family go to church or believe in God. I answer not in the least. It is of no concern  to me. When I am … More Belief


Thanks Lini. There is no other way to enjoy God’s dearness but through surrender. Believe me I have tried many other easier ways. What I have done good or bad are totally irrelevant. It is a clue to how lost I am that surrendering to infinite, total love seems like it is so difficult for … More Surrender

30 Units of “F”

I have more than 30 semester units of “F” on my college record. That is because I had seven consecutive semesters in which I enrolled for classes at San Diego State University and dropped out every semester. Two of my dropout semesters I failed to withdraw from my classes.Of Course, I failed all those classes. … More 30 Units of “F”


I once complained to my sponsor that I just can not surrender some things. I surrendered one minute and took it the load back the next. My sponsor’s name was Elsa. Let me explain she was a very elderly lady which means that at the time of this conversation  she was my age now.  if you … More Surrender