There are three definitions of stability. 1. A body  is stable if when disturbed it tends to return to its original position. This is like one of those blowup plastic clowns kids play with. No matter how many times you knock it over it bounces right back. In my program this stability is the absolute determination … More Stability

30 Units of “F”

I have more than 30 semester units of “F” on my college record. That is because I had seven consecutive semesters in which I enrolled for classes at San Diego State University and  dropped out every semester. Two of my dropout semesters I failed to withdraw from my classes.Of Course, I failed all those classes. … More 30 Units of “F”


I was born in Tucson, Arizona. I was raised in San Diego, California. I was a huge baseball fan. The Tucson Cowboys  and the San Diego Padres were both farm teams of the Cleveland Indians. I loved Luke Easter, Minnie Minoso and Al Rosen of the Indians because they had played  AAA minor league ball … More Dodgers