Mayor Tom Bradley

One of the responsibilities I inherited when I became President of Union Rescue Mission In Los Angeles was the need to raise money to pay for a new building. The Mission had saved a large piece of the bill for a new building. They had saved up from a number of wills and estate left … More Mayor Tom Bradley

My Giving God

In the past I have had a misunderstanding about God’s love. I felt that if I were to receive God’s gifts in my life I had to meet some performance standard. I had to be good enough to kind of bribe my Higher Power into the action of giving gifts. I want to tell you … More My Giving God

Go For It!!

Here are two program slogans that seem similar to me. The first is “Mind your own business”. The second is “Live and Let live”. MInd your own business says “Take care of your business”. The second says be ever more alive. Many times people in Al-Anon finally turned their drinker over to God. That decision … More Go For It!!

God Is Love!!!!!!

God Is Love guarenties us that God’s love is unchanging. The only way God could quit loving is to quit being God. That means that we are powerless over God’s love. God loves me the same on my worst day as She/He does on my best day. That means anytime I endeavor to come close … More God Is Love!!!!!!

Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense….-The dependent and codependent life diseases are both deadly diseases. They cause a person to commit suicide one day at a time. -Pity and sympathy were a love substitute for me when I was afraid I would never be loved. -It is not OK for negative people to treat me the way they want … More Uncommon Sense