I am walking for exercise several tmes a day now. My legs never say Lets get off the couch and go for a walk!! However, they’re more ready than they use to be and that is because my legs know I am not going to over exercise loike I use to. I am 84 years … More OLDER AND WISER


When I was only A few day old I got m a very serious case of the whooping cough. I was at the door of death. My coughing was nearly connstant and loud. My family was living with my grandparents at the time so was there were lots of big sisters and aunts and uncles … More GOOD WORKERS


When Jesus Cleansed Out the temple in Jerusalem he probably was not as upset with the retail sales going on selling religious favors giving entry to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem as he was that this activity benefited the rich at the expense of the impoverished folks. These people wanted to worship God they did … More POOR AND RICH


I Am 840 years old. There is a man younger than me who I wsh was my friend tonight. He is 82years old and in a hospital, I am wanting to tell him I love him, There is a well known politicization who made a joke about this tragedy, I fill sorry for her because … More LOVE OF MONEY