Grandpa’s Game

I have two granddaughters. Parker is 17 and Greta is 14. They are amazing young people in every way. I admire, respect, and love them deeply. When they were much younger we used to play roughhouse games. Basically, they were pillow fights and beyond. Playing with them and much earlier with their mom and aunts … More Grandpa’s Game

Self Doubt

Creativity and self doubt….. I have always seen my self doubt as the enemy of my writing; something to be defeated. Thanks to a conversation with my daughter Jill Mayer I now see my sense of self doubt as inevitable. When I write, self doubt is there and it always will be there. However, it … More Self Doubt

April Fool

· I went to my Sat AM meeting this morning with about 40 friends. Everyone was armed and ready against some getting an April’s Fool joke on them. So no one tried any April 1 jokes. As a part of the opening we went around the big circle introducing ourselves by first names. Most of … More April Fool

Hard Work? Oh Boy!

My second daughter is Jill. Let me introduce her. How many Dad’s think it is necessary to suggest to his grade school daughter That she play more and ease up on the study. I also would not let Jill organize the hopelessly  cluttered garage,  As a preteen Jill to do all laundry for the whole … More Hard Work? Oh Boy!