Surprising God

I like to say God is surprising. No matter how good I think God is it turns out she/he is better. When I worked at the Mission there was a very elderly retired Baptist preacher that liked to sit in the chapel.His name was Henry. I loved him dearly. One day I was walking up … More Surprising God

When I need to know my Higher Power’s will I need to know that God wants me to know her/his will more than I want to know his/her will. THe rub for me is that I want to know more quickly than HP wants me to know it. I think that is because if I think I know my HP’s will I jump in and try to carry it out right here and right now . The 11th step says pray for a knowledge of his will [ the first part] and the power to carry it out [ The second part]. For me there is often a period of time, maybe a week or a month, after I know his/her before I get the power to carry it out. There is no use for me to want the what of God’s will if I do not want the when of God’s will.

Stale Donuts

Stale Donuts……I worked as a kitchen helper while I was in college. The head cook frequently gave me food to take home to my family. At that time we had 4 little girls. Once the cook gave me a bag of stale donuts. We all dug in and enjoyed them. After a few days we … More Stale Donuts

The Gift of Listening

Growing up,I had the feeling that nobody ever listened to me. The truth is I don’t think much listening to other people was part of our family reality. One Thanksgiving celebration was at my Aunt Nellie and Uncle Wilbur’s house. They had a house with a rather small living room and connected dining room. It … More The Gift of Listening

The Questions Kids Ask

One time I was reading from a Bible story book to my kids. I read he had hundreds of concubines or many dozens of wives. Jill asked me”What is a concubine? I answered somehow. When I had explained things just leaned back in her chair ans said” Daddy…… How big was his bed?