Jesus Wept

Those two words, “Jesus wept” are the the words of the shortest verse in the Bible.The passage is in John 9. He wept because His friend had died and the man’s woman friends were showing heart broken grief. When I was in a clinical, suicidal depression back in 1986 I often wept. In my recovery … More Jesus Wept

Big Fear

One of most damning things that I am still dealing with from my boyhood is my belief that if I tried hard enough I could win my mom’s affection. I endlessly tried to please her. My efforts to please her created a problem for her. She needed to be angry with me. When I was … More Big Fear


1 Someone said “Resentment is poison I take to hurt you” 2 I deeply resented that my Dad used my 22 caliber riffle to kill himself. I was 15 at the time 3 I have sometimes shared at my Al-Anon meetings about how I dealt with my resentment over my dad’s suicide, inevitably during the … More Anger

I Am So Tired

This Pandemic is wearing me out. That is part of my exhaustion but some of it is due to the fact I am 82 years old, More is due to me staying up well past midnight watching documentaries because I so enjoy learning things. Last night I watched one on cats. Fantastic !! Another factor … More I Am So Tired


One of my adult kids and I have a shattered relationship. When I consider how and why that happened I notice one thing. All my personal research into how my broken relation with her began I consistently conclude’ “It wasn’t my fault”. I understand why I do not easily accept responsibility for my tragic situation. … More Blame