Funny Story

FUNNY STORy….A few years ago, my family had a get together at Eric and Jill’s place. Gina’s Chad, my son-in-law, had his friend and business partner Justin come as his guest. I had never met Justin. I liked Justin the instant I met him. At the party, Gina was telling funny stories about a visit with … More Funny Story

Motherless Child

I love to watch programs on video like BGT. So often a young person performs and as that performance is on I begin to realize how often there ois a mom in the background supporting their offspring.That is so beautiful to me but it is not familiar. I never knew my mom’s spport. I was … More Motherless Child


Perspective…..There is an old joke about perspective. “A man was walking through the woods and accidentally knocked over a beehive . The man took off running with the bees in hot pursuit. He came to a mud puddle, jumped in and sank clear to his ankles. That doesn’t sound to deep to you but you … More Perspective

Taking Offense

The phrase “I took offense” was the topic of the discussion I had with some good friends today. That phrase suggests that some times when I am offended I in fact do not have to be. I take offense when I could have refused to take it so I am offended unnecessarily. I was not … More Taking Offense


Just now ·  I have been thinking about sarcasm, Mine at others and others at me. I am told that the literal meaning of the word sarcasm is flesh tearing.. That sarcasm tears people up is my experience both ways. I also can see this. Having been attacke by sarcasm has often been followed by someone … More Sarcasm

Boyhood Joy

When I was a boy I lived about a block from Glorietta Bay which is a small Bay and part of San Diego Bay. I have so many memories of good times making and sailing little boats. Our boats were made of wood taken from an apple crate end or something like that. For our … More Boyhood Joy

Al-Anon help

I have just started attending a new Al-Anon meeting. I have been looking for new meetings since some of the meetings I have loved are large meetings. My voice has lost strength so I was getting more and more requests to speak louder and less ability to comply. Since I have been attending some of … More Al-Anon help