Colored Snow

When my children were young we lived in Azusa, Ca. Azusa was right at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains as a vacation and recreational location. One time when our area got a good snowfall we began to prepare to head up to the mountains to play in the snow. We loaded up the car … More Colored Snow

My Self Critism

Years ago When I was working on the LA skidrow a friend said to me” George, You are way better at telling the skidrow people that God loves them than you are at telling yourself that God loves you.” What she said was an important insight for me A few days ago at a meeting … More My Self Critism

Know Thyself

-If I am to know myself in a way that leads to spiritual and emotional health I must be willing to see myself and the world with an honesty that is frank and borders on brutality. . In my day I have been responsible for raising lots of money. I hated doing it because I … More Know Thyself