I have been touched by gun violence as well as all the grown people and babies that have been killed in the last few weeks. Those horrid tragedies of the last few weeks are in a depth of their own much worst that I experienced. I was given a 22 rifle by my uncle Bill … More Pain

Things Work Out

Many years when I was Just a boy my family was having a hard time making ends meet. That worried me very much.. I went to my dad nearly in tears. I said “Daddy what are we going to do? about paying the rent. He looked at me and smiled. put his arm around me … More Things Work Out


Many years ago one of my daughter who was in the early months of high school asked me if I was prejudiced against woman. This was a very important question for me to answer as I had four daughters, Here is how I answered her question. I said “I do not think that anyone who … More Prejudice

God Is Love

No matter how much love you imagine God has for you and for me we fall way short of the reality. It is like poring a bucket of water into the Pacific Ocean and expecting you have increased the depth of the ocean. In fact you did raise the depth but by so little as … More God Is Love

Good Vibrations

No good deed is ever wasted by God. It may not be in this life time that the good reward comes into my view but still it comes to fruition but it still is sure to come. God is not wasteful. He uses our good deeds ever single time. besides, being kind is fun.