That Old Car

A Death Dealing Imaginary Car…..I have fought so hard against the things in my personality that seem to obstruct the flow of God’s love in my heart. I have fought against the fears that keep me from doing things I love to do.In my program we call these things my character defects. I am learning … More That Old Car

Growing Old

I have begun to make promises to my kids that they will not have to face me being hostile when the time comes for me to have to give up housekeeping. I trust that they will not have to force me to move to a care home. \ For one thing, I have very good … More Growing Old

A very close friend of mine asked me to meet him for lunch. He said he was feeling angry and miserable. We met at Mimi’s Cafe, which is our traditional place to meet. I had their soup, which is always wonderful. I could easily see he was not feeling very comfortable We talked about sports … More