For me, many decades of time have already gone by.Truthfully, I pray that my time on earth will soon be past, My life has been a satisfying life but I feel like I have done my share already. The appeal now to me lies in my true hope of spending eternity with my Heavenly Father. … More AS TIME GOES BY


Do not misunderstand. I have been able to live a satisfying rewarding life, underneath it all I still carry abundant pain from the events of my earliest boyhood, At first a leaved in boyhood dream in Tucson.Arizona. I was the forth of six children 4 sisters and a great brother. There were wonderful aunts around … More PAIN UPON PAIN


I am enjoying my old age even though being 84 is not nearly as old as some I have known. Years ago I used to visit the elderly to cheer them up. I found out they cheered me up more than I did them. I enjoyed over exaggerating the pace and next I exaggerated the … More OLD AGE


I am persuaded that my Mother did not treasure me. They tell me I was very cute and got attention from many people that came my way. Pictures of me if pasted to a wall could have been wall paper there were that many duplicates. I was forth among my siblings. I think the main … More GROWING UP


With out doubt the only total love any of us experience. That God wanted me to know he had total love for me was the reason Jesus came and loved teaching us face to face about the absolute in the universe. God began showing us more about His love as Jesus lived out his life. … More TOTAL LOVE


One time someone said to me “My prayers do not go beyond my ceiling” I answered,”Why do you think they have to go past the ceiling? there is no where God is not there. How far is the East From the West. East and West go directly in opposite directions. If you somehow need forgiveness … More GOD IS NEAR


Looks like I am going to relocate into a perfectly lovely place for senior center in a few weeks. I live and have lived in a really nice section 8 housing center. From wonderful place to live to another place to live. There were six kids in our family. My dad worked hard to support … More OLD MEMORIES


As you may have seen I live alone near the Pacific Ocean. I have lived near this Ocean. I love it but I have seen many beauty places to live all over the country, In my driving trips across the country. Talk about things that I have appreciated today are the people who help me … More Friends