Confused Turtle

Did you hear about the turtle that was attacked by a vicious gang of snails? When the detective asked the turtle, “Tell me what you remember about the attack”. The turtle responded. “I am so confused about the attack. Everything happened so fast.”


In the 12 Step movement I belong too Ala-Anon. Alcoholism has two faces. The first is AA committed to helping the drinker to stay sober. Al-Anon is for those people whose lives has been touched by someone else’s drinking. Actually Al-Anon does not ask questions. If you need the strength and comfort the program provides … More Thinking

A Good Program

I saw her, with her dark, shiny hair. A smile so sweet, she so sweetly will share. A quick warm embrace, love from her soul. I gave back her hug, with love as my goal. —– Her eyes are shiny, full of deep love. Love that’s from God, down from above. She is pretty, good … More A Good Program

Old Friends

I have a group of friends that have been friends for nearly 50 years. We all had a home church with them for many years. The Children had a story time with our gifted children’s minister first then they went and played. The kids wandered in and out of the adults meeting. One time my … More Old Friends