Funny US Army

When I was in basic training for the US Army I received some good advice from a training sergeant. He said “Never let this bother army you” For a second I heard it the other way around like he was saying “Never let the Army bother you.” That is good advice too but he was … More Funny US Army

Fear of Death

I have good health and I have a decent appearance for my 80 year age .As is normal for people my age many people I have loved have died. I live in a senior housing facility where death is in my face constantly. I surely do not want to squander the wonderful joys that are … More Fear of Death

Real Roses

Real Roses….. This was written in 2010 as a letter to a friend I am looking at my beautiful little display of roses. I have had it about 5 years I think. The uninformed might say that the flowers are artificial, that they are not real. What do they know? The people who gave them … More Real Roses


Awhile back I posted a blog arguing that since Jesus never criticized homsexuals as being sinners because they were gay I wanted totally adopt that attitude as my own. Some people I know said ” Lookout George. you are going to get angry responses to that post.” To my shock, the only responses I got … More Unexpected


Prejudice…..Years ago one of my daughters asked me if I was a sexist. I thought that was a great question coming from a girl so young. I knew it was an important moment in my fathering she was sure to tell her sisters what I said and because the question had broad implications to issues … More Prejudice