A Motherless Child

This afternoon I watched “Saving Private Ryan”. The whole movie is about sparing a mother who had lost 3 sons in Second World War battles from losing her fourth son, Private Ryan. A squad was sent into a battle zone to find Private Ryan and to send him home. The Squad that was sent after … More A Motherless Child

No Condemnation

When you get a compliment, don’t let it go to your head. Instead, take it to heart. Discounting the obvious and indulging in denial both lead me to disaster. Seven words spoken to me that gave me new life: “Let me take you to a meeting.” Burying my secrets is a one day at a … More No Condemnation

Easy Does It

When I was in my mothers womb my mothers youngest sister died. Her name was Ruth. She was the darling of the family and by every account was a delightful young woman. I was told all my boyhood and the years while I was maturing that I was a gift from God. That was because … More Easy Does It

Bad Memories

One time I fainted from hunger. It was on a Saturday morning. When I went through the kitchen to get some breakfast. My mom was sitting at the dining room table. She said I am sorry but we don’t have anything for you to eat. I nodded my head at her to let her know … More Bad Memories