More About Evelyn

I am going to be at my family’s home in Ellensburg on Christmas. For a poor guy I get to travel pretty often. I enjoy a beautiful off my 8th floor .balcony facing East. Sunrises are often breathtaking.
Two years ago I went to Arlington tp be with my sister Evelyn who recently died. I decided to go kind of late. A friend of Evelyn’s said ” Evelyn you better get restaurant reservation quickly because they are filling up quickly.” By this time we were both past wanting to cook a big dinner.

I love how Evelyn responded to her friend. She just laughed and said ” My Brother and I could happily have Thanksgiving at McDonald’s.” I love that memory because it says how completely relaxed we were together. Being together was the only thing that mattered.

I her last days she said “George is here. Everyone likes George. Of course I miss her and feel grief but it doesn’t seem as hopeless as it did at first.

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